Linda Burgoyne - Chief Executive Officer, Matilda International Hospital

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Many aspire to reach the upper echelon of the healthcare industry. But few are able to successfully navigate the corporate ladder. As Asia becomes the world epicenter of the healthcare industry, C-Suite partners sit down with International Healthcare Executives, asking the tough questions and unpacking the personalities of the top industry leaders. Welcome to the boardroom.

Michael Murray  0:50  
Linda, thank you very much for being a part of C suite partners in the boardroom.

Linda Burgoyne  0:53  
Thank you, Michael, for inviting me.

Michael Murray  0:55  
Just tell me about the past 10 or 15 years of your career and where you are today.

Linda Burgoyne  0:59  
10 years ago was actually a very exciting time for us because I was working at the hospital. And it was the time of swine flu. So in Hong Kong, we had all these emerging diseases that were coming out, we just got over SARS. And then we had the swine flu coming into Hong Kong. So we were at that moment, we didn’t know what was going to hit us next. So that was, for me a very a great time in the in my career, because it was exciting. And we were waiting for the next big thing to happen, even though it was frightening. It was still different. And at that point, it was also seeing there was a lot of logistics we had to do in the hospital to make sure we were equipped. And

Michael Murray  1:41  
what about health care as a choice for you was was that something from when you were young or a little bit older in your career?

Linda Burgoyne  1:49  
From when I can remember, yeah, I was the child that made it nurses, cape and, and painted a red cross on my hat. So I’d never thought of anything else. That was when I was younger than I got to my teens. And I was the typical teenager that wanted to save the world.

Michael Murray  2:05  
And you’ve got a very unique facility that you’re the CEO of GE want to just talk to us a little bit about that.

Linda Burgoyne  2:10  
It’s an amazing place. I think nowadays we talk to talk a lot about startups, you know, startups. And I think sometimes we have to look at stay here as well. Yes, stay puts. And we’ve been in Hong Kong for over 110 years. Well, so the fact that we are still relevant now, as even more relevant than we were 110 years ago, I think is a big testament to the team that we have in the staff that we have.

Michael Murray  2:37  
How did the career end up in Hong Kong? How did you get here,

Linda Burgoyne  2:39  
I worked in the UK did my training in the UK, I went to the Middle East. And I spent five years in the Middle East. And then I did some volunteer work in India and Nepal. And then I was going to do a tropical disease course. And whilst I was waiting for the course, I came to Hong Kong for six weeks. And that’s it, I never left.

Michael Murray  3:04  
And what do you see is the big difference between the UK healthcare market and the Asian market as a whole?

Linda Burgoyne  3:13  
That’s a hard one, Michael, because I think the UK is, is one market. And it’s mature. And Asia is so diverse. I mean, you’ve got the you’ve got the youngest populations, and you’ve got the oldest populations, you’ve got variants, some very mature health systems and some fledgling ones that are just, you know, just starting up. So it’s too big, it’s too much, but I do honestly believe that the talent is there. And Asia will eventually LeapFrog. I think, yes, the mature I think it will, because the talent is there. And they’re catching up very fast.

Michael Murray  3:51  
Why why do you believe there’s a talent here?

Linda Burgoyne  3:54  
I think there’s a tug of war, where we’re at the moment we’re on it. We’re in a talent war, particularly in Hong Kong, which is quite protective of its health service. So this it’s difficult. But I think there are so there’s some really great talent when I visit other countries in Asia, I’m visiting Indonesia, India. In the area, there’s a lot of talent, a lot of very bright people, a lot of passionate people. And I think when it comes to tech, they’re going to be the people that push the tech.

Michael Murray  4:27  
Yes. If you look back 10 or 15 years ago, did you think you were gonna be here?

Linda Burgoyne  4:32  
No, it wasn’t a predetermined. I didn’t sort of when I was sat with my teddy bears with my hat. Think I’m gonna be running a hospital one day. No, yeah. Not at all. So I sort of resisted it quite a lot. Yes. Along the way. And then when I was being interviewed for the CEO post, and it was something like yeah, no, I really want to do this. And it took it to about that sort of going even even till I got to the interview stage. Okay, when I was still thinking do I want it do do I want this or not? And then suddenly it was like, No, I really want this, I can really make a difference. Okay. And that was the moment.

Michael Murray  5:09  
What do you think the appeal is with Asia healthcare, because we find more and more executives are looking at Asia as as their next step. Why is that?

Linda Burgoyne  5:18  
I like Asia because it’s a bit chaotic. It’s different. It’s challenging. It’s not day in day out the same very day. And I think if you’re taking it Asia as a whole, there are so many challenges, so many different challenges, new markets, emerging markets, developing just totally a totally different types of healthcare. I think if you wanted something that was exciting, or challenging, as will be the place to go.

Michael Murray  5:49  
What about the future of healthcare in Hong Kong in the next three to five years? Where do you see it right here, not in Asia,

Linda Burgoyne  5:56  
Hong Kong. Hong Kong is difficult, I think because it is still I know, worldwide, but particularly in Hong Kong, one of the most regulated and politicized industries is healthcare. But I mean, you’ve got there’s lots of opportunities, fantastic opportunities, you know, text, particularly, whether that’s wearable tech, or robotics, or there’s so much out there, and it will become customer driven that our customers are going to ask us for it.

Michael Murray  6:26  
And how would you describe your career in one word,

Linda Burgoyne  6:29  

Michael Murray  6:30  
Linda, thank you very much for your time for being with C-Suite Partners In the boardroom

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