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 Executive search experts, dedicated to the broader healthcare sector, providing innovative, discreet and tailored leadership solutions.

We are passionate about healthcare leadership. Connecting the best available healthcare executives, to the best available healthcare positions in industries as diverse as banking, telecommunications, insurance, advisory, hospitals and others. With collective experience spanning some 40 years, our network is extensive and ever-expanding. Our services extend beyond executive recruitment to include advisory, training, coaching, interim solutions and more.

We are motivated by the many challenges healthcare has to offer, and excited about the opportunities these present.


We work with clients around the world, to attract and retain some of the best healthcare executives in the market. Irrespective of your industry or sector, if there is a healthcare executive requirement, we would love to know about it. Our team are all experts in their field, with deep knowledge and extensive networks across multiple geographies. The service we provide is discreet, professional and comprehensive. We extend beyond the traditional boundaries of executive recruitment, partnering with both clients and executives to ensure the best possible success for each. In a market as dynamic as healthcare, you’re in good hands with C-Suite Partners.¬†¬†More Info


With deep expertise and international reach, we work closely with global markets to identify and retain some of the most challenging and rewarding roles in healthcare. We present our executives with a selection of tailored opportunities, matched to your specific skills and interests, in an environment that is discreet, professional and confidential. Our services are characterised by an unwavering commitment to your success, and our executives remain our most influential advocates. We invite you to join our extensive global network, and look forward to discussing how we may work together in future.

C-Suite Partners – the premier industry specific executive healthcare resource firm you need to know. More Info

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