About C-Suite Partners

An exclusive, executive resource company – dedicated to the broader healthcare sector.

C-Suite Partners provide executive search and resources to the broader healthcare sector. With more than 40 years collective industry experience, our network extends across the globe. We are exclusively focused on healthcare, and work with clients in diverse industries and sectors – the common thread being their healthcare interests.

We are inspired by the significance of the challenges in healthcare, and motivated to position the best possible executives in the best possible roles around the world, to meet these challenges head-on.

Our Goal

To provide our clients with a seamless executive recruitment experience – helping them achieve their business objectives through suitably talented, dedicated and experienced healthcare executives.

To offer healthcare executives discreet, tailored and unrivalled access to the widest selection of healthcare opportunities in the market.

When we perfectly match the best possible executives with the most attractive opportunities, our stakeholders will become our most powerful advocates, and we will deliver attractive returns for our business.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our business. Every interaction is shaped accordingly:


Due to the nature of our work, we are often entrusted with highly confidential information from both clients and executives. We take our responsibility to manage that information with the utmost care, very seriously. We will never divulge the personal or confidential information of any person or entity without first obtaining the proper consent and following due process.

Tailored Service

Each client, and each executive, is unique. We tailor our services and interactions accordingly. With C-Suite Partners, you will never be treated like a number. Each interaction you have with us, will endeavour to meet your specific circumstances and requirements.


Our reputation is a cornerstone of our business. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, transparent in our dealings and committed to say what we mean, and deliver what we promise. We hold ourselves accountable, and expect the same from others.


Our one industry specialisation allows us to be true experts in the executive healthcare resource industry. We commit to share our knowledge and experience with both clients and executives – to act as an enabler of your respective successes.


We will not engage in dishonest recruitment strategies with either our clients or executives. The work we do with one client or executive will remain, to the fullest extent possible, separate from the work we do with any other client or executive. Where there is the risk of a conflict of interest, we will advise each accordingly.


Integrity is the substance that holds our values true. We commit to honesty, probity, sincerity and trustworthiness in all our interactions with all our clients and executives. We will provide honest, fair and timely feedback to each of our clients and executives, and respect the feedback we may receive in return.

The C-Suite Approach

At C-Suite Partners, we use a highly tailored and comprehensive approach to executive recruitment. Our five-step approach involves:

Engagement & Research

The process begins with us developing a comprehensive understanding of the client’s goals, rationale for the role, how it fits with the overall strategy and the specific expectations of the candidate. This process is critical to ensure we enact the correct search strategy. We finalise the engagement documents and agree on an appropriate time table for the deliverables.

Search Strategy

We design and execute a search strategy appropriate to the role and our in depth understanding of the market. Our methodologies may include targeted marketing campaigns, discussions within our network and various others proprietary to our business.

Candidate Attraction

Based on the results from our search strategy, a select few executives are approached for more detailed discussion and potential expression of interest for the role. At this stage, and dependent on client preference, we may also conduct formal pre-selection assessments.

Candidate Shortlist Presentation

The client is presented with a shortlist of most suitably qualified executives for the role. The shortlist is accompanied by a series of supporting documentation based on our internal analysis and assessments.

Finalisation of search assignment

Coordinate and manage the initial and final interview processes. Assist as required with various negotiations and final agreements, including any support required with onboarding and interim arrangements.

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